Garden & Vegetation Maintenance

Garden maintenance is the key to helping your garden thrive and to maintain green, healthy vegetation. At Valley Trees and Gardens, we offer a broad range of vegetation and garden maintenance services. 

Maintaining your vegetation and garden will not only get your garden looking great but can also help the plants and trees thrive, extend their lifespan, and remove any dead or diseased sections. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maintain your vegetation and garden.



Light to medium reduction and restorative pruning of trees, fruit trees, roses, and other greenery. Regular pruning helps to maintain shape and will also encourage new growth. Pruning is still one of the most undervalued garden activities; we offer specialised pruning services bringing sound experience and knowledge.



We ensure the correct species of plant is selected for your location, the size is suitable for the area and the stock and ground is prepared to enable the vegetation to survive and thrive.


Crown lifting

This involves removing lower branches of a tree to above head height. Crown lifting ensures the tree remains functional in your garden or urban environment while not being hazardous.


Hedge maintenance, pruning and shaping

Hedges require ongoing maintenance to keep them looking uniform and green. We take the hassle out of maintaining your hedges


Garden and vegetation guidance

We can provide advice on your garden and vegetation needs including which species to select, which to cut back, and which to remove.