Tree and Stump Removal

Need a tree or stump removed? 

At Valley Trees and Gardens, we are highly skilled at climbing trees and removing them safely. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail to ensure safe tree removal in both residential and commercial settings, with qualifications and experience to match.

We are experienced in removing trees of all heights, sizes, and types from enclosed locations around pools, in waterways and between properties. We’ve even been known to mediate between you and your neighbour when a tree is involved.

While tree and stump removal is one of our areas of expertise, we also respect and care for the environment. If the tree is native and does not need to be removed, we can provide advice or alternative options for you to consider.

Once we have removed the tree or stump, all green waste is mulched on-site, leftover debris is removed, and the site is cleaned up – we do all the hard work for you!

Our Qualifications

Elevated Work Platform (EWP) 100m

High-Risk Licence to work at 100m plus

Advanced Climbing and Rigging

Level 3 Arborist (currently undertaking)

Our Equipment

Vermeer steel saws

9 or 10-inch Vermeer wood chippers

Mini Dump Tippers

Our Safety

Fully insured - $20 million public liability

Safety policies & procedures for every site

Regular OH&S training

Commercial on-site inductions

Tree or stump removal can be tricky and has been known to lead to an unwanted trip to emergency and time off work when attempted at home.

Let us save you time, hassle and potential injury – contact us today to have a chat!