Bushfire & Disaster Recovery


Bushfire Vegetation Recovery

As part of the Bushfire Vegetation Recovery service, we will remove any dead trees and vegetation from the site. Where possible, we mulch the trees and vegetation on site and clear any remaining debris to ensure your property is left clear and free from further risk. Our experience and knowledge mean that you are in safe hands.  

If in the unlucky incidence you do need us following a bushfire, we are here to help you.

Contact us anytime to start the Bushfire Vegetation Recovery for your garden and vegetation and prevent any further risk to your property. 


Assessment of the vegetation damage on your property

We provide a 24-hour service to ensure we get to your property when you need us. We will assess the trees and vegetation on site for damage and ensure there is no further risk to your property.


Professional advice

Following assessment, we can offer professional advice on what you need to do to clear up your property, protect it from further bushfire threat and allow regeneration and regrowth to occur.


Tree and vegetation removal and clearing

Post bushfire, we can remove and clear any trees, vegetation or debris as required to ensure your property is protected from further threat and free from hazards.


Koala rescue

We have experience rescuing and relocating koalas on your property.